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The ways I waste my time

"archiving" my hot men gifs/images that I've made
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Dave Franco looking hot

not a shop, but just so I don't lose it: Stanley Tucci shirtless

Stanley Tucci could get in my tushie.

This photo begged this caption

My special moment with Tom Hardy

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The Weekend Movie Posters of 2010
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So everyone knows me from ONTD, so it should be no surprise that I'm the one who does the photo-chopped posters for the friday/weekend box office posts. Here are the ones from 2010 that are still up on TinyPic. I wanted to collect them in one spot as Photobucket is being a bitch and won't let you search tinypic anymore.

My favorite:
Life as we Know It vs Secretariat vs It's Kinda a Funny Story

Weekend Box Office with Legend of the Guardians vs Wall Street 2 vs You Again

Nominee for Best of 2011

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More Bragging
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Awwww... Too bad everyone thinks I'm a girl.

dnfrommn should win ONTD employee of the year for her shops, box office posts/movie poster mashups, and the (now defunct) fuck/marry/kill posts.

Bragging again
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In re:

It's always a compliment to have people say "awesome" or "A++++" and the like when they like your gif/etc. The Robin Hood looking guy spinning and then spreading a rainbow has been around forever, I just tweaked it a little.

After reposting in the Adam Lambert comes out thread. I got some really amazing compliments. Just here to brag.

Thanks guys/gals! Joining a moderated community just to compliment someone, wow. (Although a private LJ message would've worked, too, just sayin'.)

Been feeling a little beat up lately so it felt good.

I'm thrilled
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Andy Towle over at towleroad used my beckham bouncing bulge photoshop.

I originally made it for an otherwise uninteresting post over at ONTD.

I really need to start watermarking or something. Only reason I know it's mine is because of the awkward timing of it.

Thanks, Andy! You hot little stud.

(shamefully stolen from JoshandJosh -- I still need to find that video)

Weekend 'Shopping
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Weekend Movie Poster

I dug it, but this was the one week that there were 0 comments on it. :(

Someone wanted an icon of this... I hate that PhotoPlus makes the file sizes so huge that I can only do 5 frames :(

Evil Koala wants to eat you

Cam Gigandet, clap clap

I want to use this as an icon, but I'm sick of being thought of as a woman

Yesterday's shopping
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Weekly Box Office collection -- I *will* update this each week I do one.
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For my weekly box office posting. This one isn't so great. (2009-01-30)

Last week's box office poster (2009-01-23)

Another box office "trailer" from a few weeks ago.

Going a little further back for the box office poster

notice I got little Desperaux in his hand

I remember this one took forever

This was where I got the most photoshop cred

I love the little hamster in the corner

The first ones I did

A collection of new photoshopping
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Fronding Miley and Gaston

Gerard Butler licking himself (again, not so good)

Colin Farrell needing some rewetting drops

Jonas Bros being hit by the Undie Snatchers

Jerri Blank not liking her dinner

Spencer and Heidi murder

From The Unborn

This one made a lot of people laugh.

Ryan Phillipe freaking out

Michael Phelps facial reconstruction

Matthew Rhys fell off a horse, and I was bored so created this dramatic recreation. I thought my bruising turned out pretty well.

This one makes me laugh

This was from a series of stills. Tom Cruise can't dance

There was a rumor that Hairspray 2 would have Zac Efron tripping out on LSD and talking to his zits.

I'm going to use my journal for all the photoshopping I do
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That way it's all collected in a single spot. there may be some NSFW stuff under a cut.

I didn't want to do homework today so this is what I worked on instead:

this is my favorite.

These icons for beach_justice
House in Aretha's Inauguration hat

For an Audrina post

For a Phil Spector post that I decided not to submit after putting the picture together.

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